Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator
Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator
Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator
Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator
Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator
Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator
Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator

Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator

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Time to say goodbye to the unwelcome house pests! 

Our revolutionary Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator is the most effective tool to eliminate unwanted pests and insects, which creates a domino effect to kill any species of cockroaches within hours.

Formulated with various fast acting ingredients, this is a contagious bait that delays mortality to ensure one infected cockroach will spread it to others. It includes natural mineral borax specifically made for cockroaches, which attracts roaches to try the insecticide bait, which is poisonous and fatal to the whole population.

Its formulation is safe on people and pets, which effectively controls roaches invasion and secure your family's health. Simply scatter the eliminator wherever you need in indoors and outdoors, perfect to be used in home, office, or business establishment.

Pest Species of Cockroaches:

  • German (also gel bait-averse), 
  • American, 
  • Australian, 
  • Brown / Smokybrown / Brownbanded
  • Oriental


  • Defend Roaches Invasion:
    Professional tool to kill cockroaches in any species in 3 days.

  • Contagious Bait:
    Each cockroach that comes in contact with the bait can contaminate up to 40 other cockroaches by way of direct contact or through faeces.
  • Mild Scent:
    Gel bait has a mild scent so it does not shoo away cockroaches and so they are free to walk on it and get the bait.

  • Delay In Mortality:
    Cockroaches do not immediately die upon contact with the gel bait as they are given the time to roam around to infect other cockroaches.
  • Safe On People and Pets:
    The killer gel bait is only harmful to cockroaches and is safe on people and pets, making it perfectly used in home, office and business establishment.

  • Perfect for Hard-to-reach Areas:
    Easy apply on cracks, gaps, corners of walls where the cockroaches like to stay.
  • Versatile Use:
    It is recommended to apply the powder amply behind and under stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, washing machines, tubs, water pipes, drains, sewers, electrical conduits, cracks and crevices of baseboards as well as cabinets and closets.


  1. Dab in corners where roaches hide.
  2. One applicator covers several rooms.
  3. Sanitize hands after use.


  • Ingredients: Indoxacarb
  • Weight: 30g


  • 1pc x Ultimate Cockroach Eliminator

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